Welcome to Gardenizi 🌱🌻

At Gardenizi, we cherish the magic that begins with a tiny seed. As a purveyor of high-quality seeds, our mission goes beyond just selling products. We are a sanctuary for gardening dreams, a place where the green hues of nature meet the aspirations of every gardener and plant enthusiast.

Our logo, a symphony of green, symbolizes growth, vitality, and the boundless potential of seeds. The seed at our emblem's heart, cradled by unfolding petals, represents the journey each seed embarks on - from a dormant promise to a blooming reality.


"Nurturing Dreams, Cultivating Joy"

Gardenizi's mission is twofold.

First, we bring joy and fulfillment by offering the finest seeds, turning gardening visions into verdant realities. Our commitment to quality ensures that every seed you plant has the potential to transform into a beautiful, thriving plant.

Second, we champion the cause of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship. The green in our logo is a constant reminder of our dedication to the planet. We practice and promote responsible gardening - from eco-friendly production methods to sustainable packaging and shipping, ensuring our footprint on Earth is as gentle as a seedling's touch.

But our story doesn't end with the sale of a seed. We are a community, a circle of gardeners, growers, and dreamers. Our team, rich in experience and passion, is here to guide, advise, and share in the joy of your gardening journey. Each sprout, each flower, each harvest strengthens our bond with nature and with each other.

Our selection of hundreds of plants is constantly expanding. Even though we have many landscape standards, we love to search far corners of the universe to find substantially unique or new offerings. We love plants and love to watch them grow.

We offer seeds, garden supplies, large order discounts, and planting advice through our email address, support@gardenizi.com. Our phone does ring a lot but we do answer it as often as possible. 

Join us at Gardenizi, where every seed is a story waiting to unfold, every garden a tapestry of green dreams. Together, let's sow the seeds of a greener, more flourishing world.

Welcome to our thriving community 🌍🌿🌼

Thank you so much, and happy planting!

Co-Founder, Gardenizi


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Christian wants to generate a passion for plants. As the Director of Plant Breeding at Gardenizi, Christian leads breeding direction and coordinates breeding objectives. With a Master’s Degree in Horticultural Science with a Concentration in Ornamental Plant Breeding, Christian is driven to inspire “weekend gardeners.” Christian came to Gardenizi in 2015 after studying under Dr. Alexander Smith and Dr. Jonathan Brown, where he cultivated his passion for plant breeding and propagation.



Since he was a kid, Tony has loved plants. Already an avid seed collector, dirt digger, and plant grower, in the second grade he even titled a science project “Plant Propagation.” That passion for plants led to a horticulture career in which he’s been Greenhouse & Nursery Manager at the Montreal Botanical Garden in Quebec, and at Oxford’s Botanic Garden. He’s now a Gardenizi plant breeder at our Ontario-based facility. He’s obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Horticulture from the University of British Columbia — Vancouver, under the guidance of Dr. John Smith.

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